Sunday, October 22, 2017


... welcome.  I come again with another Halloween project.

 I wanted to make skull, but you know...with a bit  "romantic" touch.

For making it I have used and put together several files from Birds Svg's.
I used: "Chilled to the bone "- skull where I delete stiches on mouth a "little bit"
"Eggstravagance" - Egg chocolate box - details (cones around of heart))
"Nature's bounty" - Seed pocket card ( flower "doily" on chin)
and lovely " Love Birds"  - which I used for this heart shaped box.

...and  freebie that I've found and I need to say that you can to choose from a tons of freebies is "Flourish 1 by Bird" ( around of "eyes"),
 Crown on head I did myself.

...I hope you like my project and inspired you. Thank you very much for your time and wish you relaxing and creative rest of weekend...anta :-)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Coffin Luminary

Welcome again.
Last week happened to me something unexpected. I was approached from the Birds craft and  I enjoyed 
"Design Team of Birds Svg's".
 It is wonderful that I'm  between these gifted creative girls and it is for me the great honor of choosing me . Thank you very much and I will try for the best.

So today, of course, it will be Halloween. I have to admit that I have never done coffin ...OMG... Even though Halloween is my favorite holiday, where we live, we don't celebrate so fantastically and completely as some where else  - except at our home LOL!
If I made for my boys a coffin, it would be - too much.
I think the time has come for us to overcome this barrier with this fantastic pattern at our home.
It have everything I like : is big, it's standing and lightening. 

                                                                 Creak 'n' Shriek

This new collection "Creak n Shriek" from Bird's Svg's is really amazing with so much posibilities...

 Few words about how I dit it, but be carefull with my English ...

First, I cut off all the pieces, except from the black side panelling (accents).
From the basic design library (e-cal), I chose a rectangle and made accents on the sides of the coffin. Then I cut them out from design paper.
I cut back panel  of the coffin out of dark brown paper and decorated with several golden brads and paper gears.

I cut one more time back side to use it for Inside backround of the coffin from design paper. 
I make double front " window". Inside with acetate and outside with wellum.

I cut out the skeleton. Her"skirt"is made from thin  turquise blue paper strap.   On the top of the turquise blue paper I glue a thin strap of black paper. I added a corsage and a hat that I decorated with feathers and flower. The veil on the hat is a piece of ribbon.

Paper I used is from G45

So, I hope you like it. I loved it. Thank you for your time have a nice and creative weekend...anta :-)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Halloween pumpkin Advent Calendar

...hello, October is here and with it also my favorite holiday Halloween. Can be up at the end of the month, but I look forward to it from the beginning!, this pumpkin I find last year and it was clear to me that I need to do it. Of course in two versions for my  " little monsters".
 ( I love so much my little monsters  :-)
I adore all kind of boxes and this Advent calendar is definitely unique. I will  do it in the spring version too, since it reminds me too much will see ...

...I do not have to tell you that we have difficulties in complying with the rules, "Opens only one pack a day ...!" Well, at least we are trying...

, I hope you like it. I had really very much fun doying this project. I wish you nice and creative weekend...anta :-)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Best Fisherman prizes

... now I comes with something I did at the end of the summer for my little -  large fishermans. In fact, I made four awards, but only these two are for fishermen. Those other two I will publish as soon as possible ...

Of course, they were full of sweets, but I did not manage to get foto of them, so I asked my little fishermans to not destroy those until I manage take a foto ...

...Yes, I also made a few coupons with favorite treets...

...I enjoy it very much and I hope you also like it and mayby will be inspired too. Thank you for your time and wish you  creative rest of week...anta :-)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Butterflies collection

Dear visitors,
On today's post, I'm here with something I love very much. I have to say that  expresses and describes me too quite well. I love  naturalistic cabinets and the collection of butterflies, beetles, plants and others. 
I love the dreamers how they are hunting with they nets various bugs  and butterflies and how they are in they cabinets for hours and they can't notice how is time passed out.
I have in my mind for very long time this project. let me to present my Butterflies Collection, was so simple project. Only frame and butterflies. No blings - blings,  nothing needs to be adorned because everything is beautiful by itself ... like nature...

...I made this collection for my son's room and I had  yet another idea for another collection for my bigger son's room...


..thank you for your time to visit my blog and hopely somebody was inspired from my project. I wish you  creativ weekend...anta